Letters to the Editor — Oct. 13, 2017

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Oct. 13, 2017

Reader suggests a fun way to help people


A few weeks ago, I was talking to a fellow Lion about his interest in helping people in Delaware that have an opioid problem. He had an idea that Lions could be a big help in preventing the use of this killer drug by becoming mentors for school children who are identified as being at risk (not just the Lord Baltimore Lions, but all the Lions in Delaware that want to serve in this role.)

This is when I told him about my mentoring at the Indian River School District’s Lord Baltimore Elementary School. I got started doing this fun work after I was part of the Lions eye screening with other Lions at the L.B. school.

Sitting at the table, looking at and talking to these little angels across from me was just so much fun that I wanted more, so I signed up to be a mentor. I must say that I am getting more out of helping my mentoree, Austin, than I could have imagined.

Now, I’m sure that being a mentor to a young adult who is addicted to these drugs is not the same as mentoring a 10-year-old, but think about it. Isn’t that the point? Drug addiction is preventable, and the most effective education strategy is to help young people early before they lose their way. Mentors can make all of the difference in the world to help prepare them to set goals and make important life decisions.

If this would not be a kick and make you feel great, then I don’t know what else to tell you.

Can you schedule/volunteer an hour a week to help a child in one of your area schools?

Check out the below website and call them with any questions.

Creative Mentoring, 100 West 10th. Street, Suite 1115, Wilmington, DE 19801; phone, 1-877-202-9050; http://www.irsd.net/our_schools/other_facilities/the_parent_center/mento....

Larry Smith

Lord Baltimore Lions Club member

Reader goes in on POTUS

Editor’s note: The following letter was addressed to President Donald Trump and was sent to the Coastal Point for publication.

Dearest Leader:

Ignorant, stupid, idiot, crazy, ignoramus, dimwit, fool, clown, dangerous.

These are some of the descriptions informed people are using to describe you.

Your Secretary of State says you’re a “moron.” And he’s right. But, no matter, I’m still with you.

You’re also a pathological liar. Only a fool would deny that you’re the most prodigious liar ever to hold that office. But, no matter, I still support you.

You promised a “great” health care plan that would cover every American, then endorsed cutting health care protections for more than 20 million people. Monstrous lie. Life-or-death lie. But, no matter, I’m still with you.

You promised to “drain the swamp,” but you’ve put lobbyists, bankers, crooks and snakes into top positions (a coal lobbyist as No. 2 at EPA)? They’re there to destroy the agencies they head, kowtowing to their buddies in the coal, oil, banking, health care, drug and other industries. Like you, I say, “Who the hell wants to breathe clean air anyway?”

No more water in the swamp. You’ve topped it off with slime. Actually, the swamp runneth over! But, no matter, I’m still with you.

Your tax “reform” proposal would be a boon to the “super rich” (including yourself), with peanuts to the middle class and the poor, and it would explode the national debt. Gross hypocrisy. But, no matter, I’m still with you.

You’ve used Twitter, (yes, Twitter), to criticize your Secretary of State for trying to negotiate with North Korea. You’d rather threaten nuclear war. You’ve criticized allies and weakened alliances in place since World War II. You’ve decimated the State Department, and your mindless blather and tweets have made us the laughing stock of the world. But not one critical word about Russia or Putin. No matter, I’m still with you.

You took an oath to defend the Constitution and protect the country, but you’re the only one in Washington who refuses to acknowledge the Russian attack on our electoral system. And you’ve done absolutely nothing to deter a future attack. Since you’re commander-in-chief, that’s a gross dereliction of duty. But, no matter, I’m still with you.

You complain about “fake news,” but with your endless lies you’ve become an unparalleled Old Faithful — a literal geyser of fake news. But, no matter, I’m still with you.

Your new immigration plan would ban Latin American teenagers running in terror for their lives from violent drug gangs in their home countries. Luckily, we’re not acting like tiny Lebanon and Jordan, who between them have taken in millions of Syrian refugees. Still with you.

You can shoot 10 people on Fifth Avenue with a bump-fired AK47... damn, you can even shoot me on Broadway, and if I survive, I’ll still be with you! If I die, please gently spread my ashes at MaraLago so I can feel close to you.

Always and forever.

John Dupont

Ocean View

New hotline available for veterans


Veterans now have two dedicated phone lines they can call regarding complaints and concerns about healthcare services and benefits, and to obtain help in crisis situations.

The White House has established a special hotline for veterans to express their healthcare complaints and concerns: 1-855-948-2311. The hotline is a direct, high-level means for the Department of Veterans Affairs to collect, process, track and respond to such complaints in a more timely and responsive way.

The VA intends to use the data to improve the delivery of health care services and benefits in a measurable way. Beginning in June, the special phone line has been staffed from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern time. There was a plan to have 24/7 staff coverage later this year. We’ll have to wait and see whether that will be possible.

On a recent test call, there was about an 8-minute wait to talk to an “agent.” (The recorded message provided a number to press for faster response in a crisis situation.) The helpful person I talked to explained that hotline staff will take down a summary of information provided by a veteran, refer it to the appropriate department for action, and follow-up to ensure a timely response to the veteran.

The staff person said that the hotline has been very busy right from the start. Veterans with unaddressed concerns or problems related to care and benefits may find it helpful to call the hotline.

In crisis situations, there’s another hotline available. Bob Corsa, the service officer at VFW Post 7234 in Ocean View, recently urged everyone to make a note of the National Veterans Crisis Line: 1-800-273-8255.

“You never know when a veteran you know might need some help,” he wrote.

Now there’s a dedicated phone number to call in such situations.

I hope this contact information will be helpful to veterans and their families.

Jerry Hardiman

Bethany Beach