Editorial — Frankford makes tough call — now needs a solution

Date Published: 
Oct. 6, 2017

On Wednesday, the Town of Frankford announced via their Facebook page that they would not be going through with a proposal from Dagsboro Police Chief Clifford Toomey that would consolidate two separate police agencies under the supervision of Toomey.

“The town has decided to not go forward with the Police department merger with Dagsboro based on resident concerns and budget limitations, The council will immediately begin evaluating other options for police coverage, including resident suggestions of hiring a new Chief or contracting with the State Police for coverage. The council looks forward to resident input on this important decision. Thank You.”

The decision is not entirely surprising, as cost concerns have been consistently voiced by both residents and council members. However, there was a statement by one Frankford council member on Monday night that underscores the fact that the Town must make a decision, sooner rather than later.

“I’ve personally witnessed drug deals going down next to 4- and 5-year-olds” in the town park, said Marty Presley.

That should be more than concerning. That should be terrifying if you are a Frankford resident.

We certainly understand town officials deciding that this proposal with Dagsboro is too expensive, particularly when they estimated it would increase people’s property taxes by $232 a year, per houehold. That is a dramatic increase, and nobody can fault the Town or its residents for wanting to find another solution.

But it’s time to find that solution, and it’s time to find it soon. Heroin use is not slowing down, and crime comes with it.