Point of No Return

Point of No Return — There is no one answer. But we have to talk

The 1893 world fair in Chicago (officially known as the “World’s Columbian Exposition”) was organized as a celebration to recognize the 400th anniversary of Christopher Columbus discovering the New World. While the world’s eyes were on Chicago, Dr. Henry Howard Holmes — known as H.H. Holmes — was busy murdering people in his “World’s Fair Hotel” a few miles away.

Point of No Return — Automation is a good-news, bad-news deal

The “infinite monkey theorem” suggests that a monkey randomly striking keys on a typewriter keyboard for an infinite amount of time will, at some point, produce a given text — such as the complete works of William Shakespeare or a cover-to-cover redux of “War and Peace.”

Point of No Return — It’s crazy out there, but it’s also pretty cool

Before we get started here, no matter what side of the political aisle you might find yourself on, this is by no means the “worst of times” for this nation.

Point of No Return — Relax, David. Delaware still makes its mark

David Elliott has a bit of a chip on his shoulder. Or, in the interests of accuracy, David Elliott has a tax-free chip of scrapple on his shoulder.

Letters to the Editor — Jan. 12, 2018

Reader opposes right-to-work laws


It is illegal to force anyone to join a union. It has been since passage of the Taft-Hartley Act in 1947. A non-union worker in a business that has a union must by law be given the same rights and privileges that are provided union workers. This is case-tested law that has been upheld all the way up to SCOTUS.

Another look back at our community in 2017

People around the country are sure to have very different memories when it comes to 2017.

Point of No Return — Shopping local a key part of the holidays

People across these fruited plains have been sharpening their elbows and undergoing surgeries to have their common decency removed from their souls. Politics again? Nah.

Point of No Return — There are plenty of topics to focus on this week

Be it the rise and proliferation of social media, the “insta-cup” mentality of many news organizations or, well, whatever, there is plenty going on around this spinning globe to get your attention. Instead of tackling one item this week, let’s look at a few. Hey, the more things I discuss, the more chances I have of irritating you with a given opinion. And, really, that’s what I’m here for, right?

Point of No Return — Google list gives us the top 2017 costumes

It is basic human nature to fantasize about living the life of someone else, right?

Point of No Return — Like them or not, protests are protected speech

My love affair with our national anthem began at a very young age.

Point of No Return — It doesn't always have to be negative, does it?

There is a lot of buzz around these fruited plains focused on the concept that we are now a nation divided.

Point of No Return — Happy Places can evolve, and that’s a good thing

There are certain things that just “feel right” in life.

Of course, these comforts are somewhat personalized. What feels natural and comfortable to one person might not be another person’s cup of tea.

Point of No Return — Back-to-school marks a rare fun shopping trip

As a kid, there were three days a year I liked going shopping with my mother.

Point of No Return — It’s not about the parties — it’s all about the hate

On April 30, 1945, Adolf Hitler killed himself in a bunker, along with his wife of two days, Eva Braun. Reports suggest both of them took a cyanide pill to avoid being captured by Soviet troops who were moving in on their position, and Hitler finished the job on himself with a self-inflicted gunshot to the head.

Point of No Return — Hair thieves, DNA providers and $1M bills. Oh my!

I’m sensitive to people losing their hair.

To be fair, I’ve had a lot of practice at witnessing the loss of hair, as mine began its course for full-scale evacuation when I was about 16. At 25, I was sporting the Count Dracula look, with a “widow’s peak” serving as my most notable physical characteristic. And, by 33, with a head that was beginning to look like a Chia-Pet perpetually stuck on the second phase of growth, I surrendered to the hair gods and took razor to scalp.

Point of No Return — Once again, World Series, athletes shine bright

There are three certainties one can count on in this community during the month of August: You will get angry at a fellow driver; you will hear at least one conversation a day about the quality of our local corn; and some of the best young softball players in the world will be displaying their talents in Roxana.

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