Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor -- November 30, 2012

Connor announces candidacy for council

This is to announce my candidacy for a seat on the Dagsboro Town Council in the local election to be held between 1 and 5 p.m. on Dec. 1, 2012.

If elected I will:

Letters to the Editor -- November 23, 2012

Family grateful for support after storm

We would like to express our gratitude to all those who helped and supported our family after the recent storm damage to our home and the loss of our wonderful, precious dog.

Letters to the Editor -- October 19, 2012

Hocker is the man

Hocker is the man for the job

Recently, I have been reading many letters to the editor about Senate District 20 Candidate Rick Eakle. I know Rick Eakle. He is a neighbor of mine and has many talents, but Rick Eakle is no Gerald Hocker.

Letters to the Editor -- October 5, 2012

Reader offers praise

Readers offer praise for for Clear Space

I am one of the many people who have left the Big City to enjoy beach life (“bloom where you are planted!”). I frequented theater in D.C. and NYC with my husband, Ray, and we miss this stimulation. Luckily, there is an excellent substitute right here at the beach!

Letters to the Editor -- September 28, 2012

Atkins offers his side on prison story

I have to admit, I’m a little surprised over the uproar over a visit my then 10-year-old son and I took to Sussex Correctional Institution last year. But, at the same time, I now have to explain what happened so the full story is out there.

Letters to the Editor -- September 21, 2012

Reader encourages even more public input

We were in Delaware this weekend, and I heard from several people that the Planning & Zoning public hearing this past Thursday was overwhelming in support of the residents.

Letters to the Editor -- August 31, 2012

Barefoot Gardeners thankful for support

The Barefoot Gardeners Club of the Fenwick Island Communities had their first Small Standard Flower Show on Aug. 17. Its huge success was mainly due to the garden club members devoting many volunteer hours to be sure that every part of the show was perfect.

Letters to the Editor -- August 24, 2012

BBLA Board urges vote for new water tower

The Board of Directors of the Bethany Beach Landowners Association has followed the proposal to construct a new water tower for the Town of Bethany Beach and the borrowing of up to $2.6 million for that purpose.

Letters to the Editor -- August 17, 2012

Reader believes Pires has right experience

In reference to a previous letter in a local paper (“Alex Pires not ready for senate seat”), the writer from Milton commented that candidate Pires questioned Sen. Carper’s character and health, then said that he wants to make the race solely about the senator’s health.

Letters to the Editor: August 10, 2012

Bethany resident offers suggestion to town

Bethany citizens are raising questions about what manner of park is being planned and developed for the Church-Neff property and how recent activities on the property fit into that plan.

Letters to the Editor -- August 3, 2012

Banks family grateful for support

The Banks family would like to thank the entire Sussex County community for their immense support and outreach over the past couple of weeks after the passing of Russell Banks. We were amazed at the number of people that attended Russell’s memorial services at Melson’s Funeral Home in Ocean View.

Letters to the Editor -- July 27, 2012

Bodenweiser gets support from Beatty

I am writing to explain why I support Republican primary candidate Eric “Bodie” Bodenweiser for the state senate in the 19th District, (Bridgeville, Georgetown and Long Neck).

Letters to the Editor -- June 22, 2012

State officials thank residents for input

We would like to say “thank you” to all the residents who attended the Monday-evening discussion at the Millville Fire Hall on June 11, 2012, concerning the Beebe Medical Center located on Route 26 in Millville.

Letters to the Editor -- June 15, 2012

Artisans Fair a hit, thanks to many

On May 26, 2012, the South Coastal DE AARP sponsored its Fifth Annual Artisans Fair in support of our Scholarship Fund. We are grateful to many both in our chapter and throughout the community for making this year’s event another great success.

Letters to the Editr -- May 18, 2012

Reader takes issue with previous letter

Unfortunately the letter to the editor, this past week, re: President Obama, starts out with a false statement—“it’s not true I believe everything I read on the Internet.” He has shown us in his original letter and in this letter that he really does believe every lie that is written on the Internet.

Letters to the Editor -- May 4, 2012

Reader responds to previous letter

Your April 27 editorial stating positions of Sussex Council members and John Rine’s letter on the Obama presidency are related.

Letters to the Editor -- April 20, 2012

Rotary president thankful for support

I want to thank the Cottage Café for hosting the Dine and Donate for the Southern Sussex Rotary Club this past Wednesday, April 11. Brent and Tom have always been such great supporters of local community organizations. Thank you, Melanie, for helping us to organize the event.

Letters to the Editor -- April 13, 2012

Reader: Facts support president’s policies

In response to Mr. Keely’s critique of my Feb. 3 letter, “Grateful for hope and change,” he erroneously believes that Halliburton was rewarded with no-bid multi-billion-dollar contracts in the lead up to the Iraq invasion because they were the only company qualified to perform the required services.

Letters to the Editor -- April 5, 2012

Reader grateful for responders to fire

It is with profound humbleness that I find myself writing this thank you note. As most of you are aware, I had a house fire on the first floor of my home on Feb. 14, 2012. Even though I lost personal belongings, my life and my dogs were saved.

Letters to the Editor: March 30, 2012

Great time held by all at St. Patrick’s Dance

I want to thank parishioners and priests of St. Ann’s Catholic Church for their support of our successful St. Patrick’s Dance on March 17. We are most grateful for the donations that were given by local businesses: Casapulla’s Restaurant, Hocker’s and Giant.
Donald Lake
Bethany Beach

Letters to the Editor — March 9, 2012

Reader weighs in on gas prices

Headline: Oil prices hovered above $107 a barrel on March 1, despite growth in crude supplies and weak gasoline demand.

Question: How do we explain the rising cost of gas at the pump when supply is going up and demand is going down?

Answer: Wall Street speculators are driving the cost up.


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