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Town of South Bethany, police share paperwork in dispute

After the Town of South Bethany rejected claims from some its police officers of unfair pay and promotion practices, both sides have now released legal paperwork in the matter.

Green thumbs give a boost to South Bethany canals

Coastal Point photos • Tyler Valliant: Participants in South Bethany’s Annual Adopt-A-Canal End Contest pose for a photo at one of the canal ends.Coastal Point photos • Tyler Valliant: Participants in South Bethany’s Annual Adopt-A-Canal End Contest pose for a photo at one of the canal ends.South Bethany is rewarding green behavior. For seven years now, the Annual Adopt-A-Canal End Contest has encouraged residents and property owners to help beautify their little corners of town, for the benefit of all.

Canal ends can be pleasant spots to rest and enjoy the water (from the land), so the Community Enhancement Committee encourages people to create small gardens, which then compete in a summertime beauty contest. Although there were only three winners, many volunteers dedicated hundreds of hours of hard work to landscape 34 different canal ends throughout town.

Lord’s Landscaping joined the winners and town officials on Aug. 18 to present gift certificates to the winning three.

South Bethany council rejects police claims

The South Bethany Town Council has found “no merit” to police officers’ claims of improper promotion, pay and benefits.

In a June 30 letter, the town’s six fulltime police officers alleged that they have not been paid or promoted as they should be.

South Bethany police demand proper pay from town

South Bethany’s six fulltime police officers are alleging they have not been paid or promoted as they should be. A June 30 demand letter from the officers centers around promotion issues for some officers and holiday pay for all officers.

“Every officer here is affected, which is why we’re all represented,” said SBPD Sgt. Lee Davis.

AG’s Office scolds South Bethany for FOIA violation in staff firing

In the Town of South Bethany, the town manager oversees staff and day-to-day operations. He or she serves at the pleasure of the town council and can be fired for any reason.

Area police warn people about driveway paving scam

Asphalt is the latest on the list of new scams. Con artists are travelling door-to-door to promise driveway paving services, but they just don’t deliver.

In Selbyville, “Subjects portrayed themselves as contractors for the municipality and told residents that their driveway must be repaved to bring it up to code,” the Town reported.

SB police renovation begins with moving furniture, mostly

While the South Bethany Town Council brainstorms a way to pay for a police department expansion, they’ll shuffle some rooms around for the time-being, in an effort to reduce, but not eliminate the SBPD’s liability issues.

They will swap the evidence and holding rooms; move the court videophone; add several key-card locks; and install a new exhaust fan.

South Bethany parade to cruise local waters

To ignite Fourth of July festivities full of fun and community involvement, South Bethany will be holding its fourth annual South Bethany Boat Parade on Sunday, July 2.

Beginning at 5 p.m., the decorated boats are going to sail across the waters of the Jefferson Creek “bay area” on the west side of South Bethany while visitors and residents watch and cheer from the sides.

South Bethany elects familiar faces

On May 27, residents and property owners chose a path forward in the 2017 South Bethany Town Council election, and it’s a path they’ve been on before. They elected former councilman Timothy Saxton and incumbents Frank Weisgerber Jr. and Carol Stevenson back onto the dais.

South Bethany Traffic Committee offers alternatives

The Town’s Traffic Committee is wrapping up its mission to improve safety and speeding in South Bethany’s Cat Hill neighborhood.

More than a year ago, they were instructed to research ideas to address traffic volume, traffic speed and pedestrian safety in a residential neighborhood that is increasingly used as a beach-traffic artery.

South Bethany council: Don’t feed stray or feral cats

Most beach towns don’t want anyone to feed the seagulls, since the birds will harass humans for more food. Now, in South Bethany, people may no longer feed stray and feral cats.

S. Bethany candidates have their say before Saturday’s election

It’s time for voters to make their call, as the South Bethany town council election allows them to choose this week from five candidates vying for three seats. Polls will be open Saturday, May 27, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at town hall.

S. Bethany police project gets sky-high bids

Construction costs are already vexing the proposed expansion of the South Bethany Police Department building, and the project has barely been approved.

The Town opened construction bids recently, only to find that the base bids were around $225,000, which is about $70,000 more than they had expected.

Candidate bows out from South Bethany council race

Five candidates remain in May 27 election for three seats

By Laura Walter
Staff Reporter

As South Bethany’s town council election approaches on May 27, part-time South Bethany resident and current Councilman Wayne Schrader has decided to exit the race.

Schrader is an attorney in Virginia, where he said this year’s trial calendar and caseload are so packed that he could not dedicate the time that South Bethany deserves.

Made By Hand to host 15th annual Fair Trade Day

Coastal Point • File Photo: Itzel Aguilar, Edgar Lopez and Chris Clark show off wood-burning art during a past World Fair Trade Day at Made By Hand in South Bethany.Coastal Point • File Photo: Itzel Aguilar, Edgar Lopez and Chris Clark show off wood-burning art during a past World Fair Trade Day at Made By Hand in South Bethany.South Bethany business Made By Hand will be hosting its 15th annual World Fair Trade Day this weekend.

World Fair Trade Day will take place on Saturday, May 13, from noon to 5 p.m., and feature samplings and information from JuiceFresh, a Rehoboth Beach business that produces organic juice and a three-day juice cleanse.

“We always try to find something new and exciting,” said Kimberly Grimes, who co-owns the store with her husband, Marco Hernandez. “In years past, we always focused on a particular artisan. Then we thought, this year, why don’t we focus more on our customers that we love? That came up with the theme — ‘Fair Trade Day: Be Fair to Yourself.’ They’re trying to help people get more energy, have less food cravings.”

Grimes said attendees can also learn how to renew their spirit through detox, raw, vegan and paleo foods.

Hike down memory lane: South Bethany opens history trail

South Bethany is mapping a history trail for all to see.Coastal Point • Laura Walter:  South Bethany Historical Society President Bob McCarthy displays a historical photo of South bethany at the dedication of the Town’s new Trail of History.Coastal Point • Laura Walter: South Bethany Historical Society President Bob McCarthy displays a historical photo of South bethany at the dedication of the Town’s new Trail of History.

Residents gathered at Richard Hall Memorial Park on April 21 to unveil South Bethany’s new Trail of History.

“The fact that you’re here means South Bethany is your own very special part of the earth,” Councilwoman Sue Callaway told the crowd on Earth Day weekend.

The project was a partnership between the Community Enhancement Committee and South Bethany Historical Society.

Starting in the east, five signboards tell South Bethany’s story through the years, from the first purchase of coastal land in the 1950s and quest to incorporate as a town, into the 21st century.

It got conversation buzzing. At each stop, people found photographs of familiar faces and homes. They remembered the canals before bulkheads, docks and regulations; stories of town politics; and swimming in the canals.

“It’s great that you guys found a wonderful place for this,” said Historical Society President Bob McCarthy, who remembers old debates over sewer installation, playgrounds and roads.

“People just don’t have an appreciation of how we got here today,” Callaway said.

SB’s new town manager and clerk announced

South Bethany will welcome two new employees to Town Hall, announcing a new town manager and town clerk.

Town Manager Maureen Hartman will arrive on May 8. She’ll oversee all daily operations and report directly to town council.

South Bethany sees six nominees for three council seats

May 27 election will see some familiar faces

It’s a race! Six candidates have registered for the town of South Bethany’s municipal election, scheduled for May 27, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Three challengers and three incumbents are on the slate.

Joseph Mormando, Sharon Polansky and Timothy Saxton are running for Town Council seats currently held by Wayne Schrader, Carol Stevenson and Frank Weisgerber Jr.

Burbage retires from South Bethany after 33 years

Coastal Point • Tyler Valliant: For her years of service, Dee Burbage received tributes from state Rep. Ron Gray, left, and state Sen. Gerald Hocker on behalf of the Delaware State Legislature.Coastal Point • Tyler Valliant: For her years of service, Dee Burbage received tributes from state Rep. Ron Gray, left, and state Sen. Gerald Hocker on behalf of the Delaware State Legislature.Once, a Missouri man walked into South Bethany Town Hall, utterly lost. He had driven around for two hours, looking for the ocean. The staff were politely baffled. Finally, they asked if he had driven over the Indian River Inlet Bridge.

“Yes,” he said.

“Well, that was the ocean,” Town Clerk Dee Burbage replied.

For 33 years, Burbage has been the welcoming face at South Bethany Town Hall. On April 4, Deloris “Dee” Burbage retired from her position as town clerk.

Regardless of silly questions and sometimes cranky residents, Burbage has served the public for the past 33 years.

“You just learn to laugh with them or say, ‘OK — let me figure that out,’” Burbage said. “For the most part, people are nice.”

Approaching common ground with South Bethany’s cats

The draft of South Bethany’s proposed new law on feral cats begins where the complaints began: by prohibiting people from feeding wild mammals, abandoned cats or stray cats. Thus, people may continue feeding their own house pets or wild birds but may not leave food in such a way that wild or stray animals are likely to consume it.

Local drum circle aiming to ‘Raise the Vibration’

A local drumming group is hoping to expand its circle on Sunday, April 2, when Made By Hand International Co-op in South Bethany will host the group, inviting anyone who wants to come and see what drumming circles are all about.

South Bethany council begins budget planning for 2018

South Bethany Treasurer Don Boteler on March 10 presented the draft budget for the 2018 fiscal year, which the town council will continue discussing over the next few months, ahead of the start of the new fiscal year on May 1.

In the draft, the Town’s operating budget is about $2.4 million, which doesn’t include their reserve and savings accounts.

Few slots left for volunteer for beach-grass planting

If you’ve waited till the last minute to register for this year’s beach-grass planting, your options are quickly disappearing.

South Bethany accepting candidates for 2017 council election

Three South Bethany Town Council seats will be up for election in this spring. Candidates may now submit applications to run for the office. The election will be Saturday, May 27. Candidates must register by Wednesday, April 12, at 4:30 p.m. Each seat carries a two-year term. The seats are currently held by Wayne Schrader, Carol Stevenson and Frank Weisgerber.

Submissions sought for South Bethany photography show

South Bethany photographers can now submit art for the Town’s “Art in the Hall” exhibit, a coastal-themed show.

The photography show is open to any professional, amateur or “avid weekend” photographer. Entrants should be residents, property owners, relatives or somehow closely connected to the Town of South Bethany.

SB councilman: Feeding feral cats the focus, not euthanasia

In South Bethany, Bill Murphy was horrified to discover a colony of feral cats had broken into his house in the winter of 2013-2014.

“The house was winterized,” Murphy said at a Feb. 10 council meeting. “When we returned in the spring, they had lived in the whole house. They had defecated, they had vomited…”

Cusick out, as South Bethany seeks new town manager

The Town of South Bethany is looking for a new leader for Town Hall.

After an executive-session meeting on Jan. 9, the town council voted to terminate the contract of Mel Cusick, ending his tenure with the Town of more than decade. He left that day, officials said.

Mayor Pat Voveris did not give further details into the departure, citing it as a personnel issue.

South Bethany looks at police building, streetlights, sea level

Numbers are settling into place as South Bethany plans its police station expansion, which has a tentative price tag of $232,450 (including an $18,000 contingency fund). The money is available, spread over the next two budget cycles, said Mayor Pat Voveris on Dec. 9.

SB police building not keeping up with needs, consultant says

The South Bethany Police Department doesn’t have room to properly do its job. It’s not because the SBPD suddenly grew in staff. (It hasn’t.) In reality, the police department wasn’t built for all of today’s needs.

S. Bethany talks streetlight requests and new three-way stop

The squeaky wheel gets the grease, and the dark streets get the light.

After the 2015 South Bethany Community Survey revealed that more people want streetlights, the Town Council has begun researching locations.

Canal Drive had the most requests for service, so that’s being addressed first. Lights will be installed based on public response.

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