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How do the pickleball boom and the tennis boom of the 1970s compare?

With Wimbledon just finishing, I found myself comparing the pickleball boom with the great tennis boom. I was in the catbird’s seat of the tennis boom in the early ’70s when Wilson Sporting Goods enjoyed incredible market share in both tennis rackets and tennis balls, and the sales were extraordinary.

Peninsula Oil donates $5,000 to Autism Delaware through running festival

The 3rd Annual Coastal Delaware Running Festival in April hosted more than 3,500 runners, thousands of fans, and dozens of volunteers. The Coastal Delaware Running Festival, a Focus Muiltisports event, has been designated a State of Delaware Championship event by the Road Runners Club of America (RRCA) and a Boston Marathon-qualifying race.

Atlantic General Hospital receives top honor from Most Wired Hospital awards

Atlantic General Hospital is among the less than 1 percent of U.S. hospitals to receive the 2017 Most Wired Hospital—Advanced distinction, bestowed by the American Hospital Association’s (AHA) Health Forum. Only two Maryland hospitals received the award, with Atlantic General Hospital being the only one on the Eastern Shore.

Health screenings coming to West Fenwick

Residents living in and around West Fenwick can learn about their risk for cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, diabetes and other chronic, serious conditions with screenings by Life Line Screening. The Roxana Volunteer Fire Company will host the event on Aug. 16, at 35943 Zion Church Road, near Frankford.

Screenings can check for:

Hooverville bringing blues and classic rock flavors to Long Neck

The band Hooverville brought Milton a taste of blues and classic rock during a gig on Tuesday, and they’re set to bring those sounds to Long Neck this weekend, in their debut at Live at Bo’s on Saturday, July 22, starting at 9 p.m.

Fenwick to consider allowing two votes per trust

Voting reform has passed its next hurdle in Fenwick Island: the Charter & Ordinance Committee will recommend to the town council that the Town allow two votes per trust.

Ocean View council approves improvements to Melson building

Last month, the Town of Ocean View sought bids to alter the second floor of its Wallace A. Municipal Building. The work would include installing maglocks, card readers and door contacts for two new doors near the reception area, as well as the installation of a high-definition vandal dome camera outside of the elevator.

Frankford continues to discuss Mountaire settlement

In August of 2016, the Town of Frankford filed an appeal to the State’s Environmental Appeals Board following the decision of Delaware Department of Natural Resources Secretary David Small to issue well permits to Mountaire Farms for its Frankford facility, where the company had traditionally used municipal water sources and was a major component of the Town’s water department budgeting.

Medical marijuana now sold in Lewes ‘compassion center’

State to consider legalization for all

Coastal Point • Laura Walter : The First State Compassion Center opened Sussex County’s first medicinal cannabis facility in May.Coastal Point • Laura Walter : The First State Compassion Center opened Sussex County’s first medicinal cannabis facility in May.

Delaware isn’t letting just anyone use marijuana — yet. But it’s available to people with certain medical conditions who have gotten no relief from traditional medicine.

First State Compassion Center (FSCC) opened Sussex County’s first medical cannabis facility on May 26.

In order to use cannabis, people don’t get a doctor’s prescription, like they would for traditional medication. Instead, Delaware patients apply for a state registration card from the Delaware Division of Public Health.

In order for them to qualify, a physician must recommend that the patient use marijuana to treat symptoms of cancer, multiple sclerosis, HIV/AIDS, hepatitis C, Lou Gehrig’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, the physical manifestations of post-traumatic stress disorder or any conditions that cause severe, debilitating pain, wasting syndrome, intractable nausea and seizures.

New partnership rescues septic systems from despair

When people move into neighborhoods with a new homeowner association, they may not know what they’re in for. It’s not just house colors and mailbox height. Sometimes it’s road maintenance and a neighborhood-wide sewage system.

Selbyville council creates stricter rules for grass height

Some local property owners may need to break out their lawn mowers a little more often. The Selbyville Town Council voted this week to reduce the maximum allowable height of grass from 12 inches to 8 inches.

German grocer ‘Lidl’ could make big impact in Millsboro

They may have recently wrapped up their most successful Fourth of July celebration at Cupola Park in years, but for the town of Millsboro, the fireworks are just getting started.

Public urged to keep an eye out for marine life in the bays

Marine mammal experts this week warned anyone seeing dolphins in any of the area’s bays not to fret — the aquatic mammals are just enjoying a delicious feast of fish before heading back to sea.

Delaware State Legislature passes Advanced Wireless Infrastructure Investment Act

Southern Delaware’s rural nature can be a blessing and a curse, especially when it comes to wireless signals.

Editorial — Vogel, council made the right call in budget deal

The Town of Ocean View has been looking at ways to step up their security on the second floor of the Wallace A. Melson municipal building, located on Central Avenue.

Letters the Editor — July 14, 2017

Reader points out dangers of hot cars


I had the unhappy experience of finding two golden retrievers in the back seat of a gray BMW 535i at the Harris Teeter on Lighthouse Road this morning. They were panting heavily, and one lay across the rear seat with its head lolling off. His body pumped quickly in short breaths.

Guest Column — Rescinding WOTUS rule is a step in the right direction

Farmers across the nation may have breathed a collective sigh of relief on June 27 as the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency sent to the Federal Register a proposal to rescind its controversial rule defining “waters of the United States” and re-codify the regulatory text that existed prior to 2015.

Seismic testing in the Atlantic back on the table

The battle was won. For a few months, at least.

People up and down the Atlantic Coast had celebrated the federal government’s decisions to reject seismic testing and potential oil or gas drilling.

Ocean City Tuna Tournament marks 30th anniversary

There are several new rules and added entry-level calcuttas in place for the 30th annual Ocean City (Md.) Tuna Tournament, taking place July 14-16.

Tournament organizers met with a committee of past participants over the winter to brainstorm and discuss the competition, and some adjustments were made for the 2017 event.

D.J. Batman recounts resort life through decades of fun

As we sit in the little alley between M.R. Ducks and the Marina Deck in Ocean City, Md., about an hour before Mike “D.J. Batman” Beatty goes onstage, the longtime entertainer and occasional mischief maker recalls what brought him to the resort about 50 years ago, and how little, for him, it seemed to change during that time.

Ocean View Concert in the Park to feature Over Time

Coastal Point • Submitted: Over Time Band will be performing in the Town of Ocean View’s Concert in the Park series on Friday, July 14, from 6 to 8 p.m.Coastal Point • Submitted: Over Time Band will be performing in the Town of Ocean View’s Concert in the Park series on Friday, July 14, from 6 to 8 p.m.

Continuing their tradition of offering free entertainment in the summer months, the Town of Ocean View will host a Concert in the Park this Friday featuring the Over Time Band.

The concert will be held on June 14 from 6 to 8 p.m. in John West Park. Those attending are being encouraged to bring their lawn chairs and enjoy classic rock and popular contemporary tunes.

“They always draw a huge crowd,” said Donna Schwartz, Ocean View town clerk.

Schwartz said Boy Scout Troop 281 is going to be in attendance, selling hot dogs, sodas and water to those who want a snack. Rita’s Water Ice will also be available for purchase.

People may also pack their own picnic and take advantage of the pavilion at the park or find a nice spot on the grass.

Civil War Profiles — IR Life Saving Station keeper was a Confederate veteran

Driving north over the Indian River Bridge and continuing for about 3 miles on Route 1, you reach the restored and open-to-the-public Indian River Life Saving Station. It is preserved as a museum to educate visitors about the living and working conditions of men who often risked their lives to rescue sailors and cargo from shipwrecks off the coast of Delaware.

Barefoot Gardeners Club offering free Story Time in Fenwick

Coastal Point photos • Submitted: Susan Henickle reads a book about the American flag to the children.Coastal Point photos • Submitted: Susan Henickle reads a book about the American flag to the children.

The Barefoot Gardeners Club hosted its first Story Time in the Park of the summer season on the morning of Wednesday, July 5, at the town park adjacent to Fenwick Island Town Hall. The park features a butterfly garden, a gazebo and a playground, all of which are available to Story Time attendees.

Story Time started promptly at 10 a.m., when Susan Henickle introduced the ladies of the Barefoot Gardeners Club and politely asked the children to gather under the gazebo. The club members in attendance included Susan Henickle, Barbara McCoy, Mary Ellen Gonski, Sue Clark and Jennie Nedwick.

The July 5 Story Time combined both the club’s love for the environment and the Independence Day holiday, as the children listened to three book readings. It all began with a reading of a book about the creation of the United States’ flag. Henickle interacted with the children throughout, asking questions such as, “Who sewed the first flag?” and waiting for the children to answer.

Next, the club members transitioned away from Independence Day and brought out caterpillars in containers for the children to see. McCoy showed the children a diagram of the life cycle of a painted lady butterfly and read “The Very Hungry Caterpillar.” Following the reading, McCoy and other members of the club walked the children to the butterfly garden on the edge of the park to observe the butterflies.

It’s turtle laying season (not turtle taking-home season)

Coastal Point • Stock Photo: An Eastern Painted Turtle.Coastal Point • Stock Photo: An Eastern Painted Turtle.

I was very fortunate in late May: I found an Eastern painted turtle just finishing laying her eggs. She was one of the numerous turtles that live in our pond in our back yard. She had come up the embankment and dug herself a small hole and then laid her eggs, covered them with a mudlike mixture, and then off she went, back to the pond.

I have marked the location of the nest so we can monitor them. Last year — I actually think it was the same female — had her eggs eaten within two days. Something ate several of them the first night, and the rest were destroyed the second night.

This year, I decided I would try to protect them from predators. Supposedly, you can build a “cage” of chicken wire about 2 feet square and place it over the nest. This protects the eggs from most predators but still allows the hatchlings to escape. So far, nothing has come and disturbed the eggs this year. So, hopefully, in July or August they will hatch.

Most turtle hatchlings, unfortunately, don’t make it. And many more eggs never have the chance to hatch. Either the eggs are not fertile, are destroyed or eaten by predators, or they just don’t get the correct environment to hatch.

DelTech continues to grow student veteran services

Delaware Technical Community College is making strides for its student-veterans. Last week, the college opened its new Veterans Resource Center at its Charles L. Terry Campus in Dover — joining centers at its Stanton and Georgetown campuses.

Tripple Overtime: Michael Phelps vs. Great White Shark vs. Vegas... vs. Tripple OT?

Whenever the last Olympics was, that’s when I wrote about the time I sort-of ate sushi with Michael Phelps.

Robb, Redmond ready to drop in on Delmarva for Catch Surf Get Wet Tour

Coastal Point • File Photo: Pro surfer Kalani Robb is ready to drop in on Delmarva for the Catch Surf 'Get Wet Tour.'Coastal Point • File Photo: Pro surfer Kalani Robb is ready to drop in on Delmarva for the Catch Surf 'Get Wet Tour.'

Someone hit the Thin Lizzy on the jukebox, because come this Saturday, the boys are back in town.

After a one-year break, the Catch Surf Get Wet Tour will return to the East Coast and bring pros Kalani “The Godfather” Robb and Johnny Redmond back for the ride — the internationally renowned wave-riders set to make a pit stop in Delaware, en route to their tour appearance at K-Coast Surf Shop in Ocean City, Md., on July 15.

Back to captain the tour bus once again will be Sussex County native and Catch Surf East Coast Sales Manager Ryan Savage, ready to lead the way home after stops in Rhode Island and New Jersey to team up with local Catch Surf pros including Bill Baxter and Brian Stoehr.

Whether it’s some good old-fashioned backwoods bass fishing or firing up Baxter’s famous “winch” for a few afternoon airs at the drive-on, as always at the tour’s midway mark, the boys from “Big Sussex” will be ready to show their pals from the West Coast and North Shore another thing or two about the Slower Lower lifestyle.

Let’s hear it for the girl guards!

Coastal Point • Submitted: A mix of Fenwick Island and Dewey Beach lifeguards gather during Sussex County’s first all-women’s lifeguard competition.Coastal Point • Submitted: A mix of Fenwick Island and Dewey Beach lifeguards gather during Sussex County’s first all-women’s lifeguard competition.

Female lifeguards competed in severe weather conditions during Sussex County’s first all-women’s lifeguard competition on July 6.

The young women were set to compete on Middlesex Beach at 6 p.m. when a rainstorm hit the area. The coordinators, Middlesex Beach Patrol Capt. Justin Voorheis and Ocean City’s Sgt. Rick Cawthorn still decided to hold the event, saying they were confident that the competition would not be compromised by the weather conditions.

The women competed in six different events: the Ironwoman (a combination of running, paddling and swimming), a mile-long beach run, a run-swim-run event, a run-paddle-run event and an event called “beach flags.”

According to Voorheis, there were more than 40 guards who attended competition. The women represented patrols from Assateague Island to Rehoboth Beach.

District III champs!

LSLL Major League All-Stars clinch District III softball title

Coastal Point • Submitted: Back row: Manager Sarah Hoban, Manajha Briddell, Shania Lewis, Lanla Lewis, Olivia Rogers, Camryn Ehlers, and coaches Amy and Chad Hall. Front row; Logan Marvel, Destiny Mitchell, Kinsley Hall, Jaya Shaub, Lily Hoban and Aniyah Blake.Coastal Point • Submitted: Back row: Manager Sarah Hoban, Manajha Briddell, Shania Lewis, Lanla Lewis, Olivia Rogers, Camryn Ehlers, and coaches Amy and Chad Hall. Front row; Logan Marvel, Destiny Mitchell, Kinsley Hall, Jaya Shaub, Lily Hoban and Aniyah Blake.

The Lower Sussex Little League Major League All-Stars were off to the state tournament on Monday, June 10, after bringing home the Delaware District III softball title on Saturday, July 8, for players ages 11 and 12.

The 9-3 victory over Laurel came just one day after the squad’s 4-3 victory over that team on Friday, July 7, with Lower Sussex needing the back-to-back wins in order to clinch.

“We wanted to come out early and score first,” said LSLL head coach Sarah Hoban of Saturday’s championship game. “They put up four runs in the first inning, and I don’t think they ever let up after that, so we’re just really proud of the girls. It was a complete team effort from top to bottom.”

Working their way through the bracket, the Major League All-Stars had pulled off major victories throughout, with an 8-0 shutout over Millsboro on Friday, June 30, 17-0 shutout over Woodbridge on Sunday, June 2, and 12-2 win over Cape Henlopen on Wednesday, July 5.

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